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Achieving Accessible Healthcare Through
User-Centered Design

We are hosting an event to raise money to support life-saving product innovation

SOLUtion Medical will hold its First Annual Event on October 22, 2020 to champion innovation, advocacy, and education within the chronic and rare disease communities. This event will feature special guest speakers including rare disease patients and healthcare user-centered design experts. All rare disease, student, and life-science community members are welcome!

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Event Speakers

Dennis Boyle

Keynote Speaker + Q&A

Dennis Boyle is a Partner and founding member of IDEO. Based in Palo Alto, he leads he leads the Health and Wellness practice, which works with clients in the medical and consumer health-care industries to develop innovative products and strategies for promoting healthful living and behavior change.

Over the course of his IDEO career, he has worked as a design engineer, a project leader, a business relationship leader, a studio leader, and a practice leader. He has helped us build and nurture many key, long-term client relationships, including Silicon Valley tech firms, Fortune 100 consumer businesses, and health-care companies. He has contributed to more than 50 patents.

Dennis helped to shape IDEO’s approach to teaching design thinking through workshops and is a consulting assistant professor for the Design Division of Stanford University’s Mechanical Engineering School, where he’s contributed to courses on product, engineering, and human factors design, as well as design for sustainability and creativity and innovation. 


Scott Schliebner

Featured Speaker

  • Scott Schliebner is a clinical strategist with a 25-year background in clinical drug development focused on rare diseases, orphan drugs, and advanced therapeutics. He develops innovative solutions and strategic considerations to help overcome the operational, logistical, and ethical challenges inherent to conducting research with rare disease patients. 

  • Scott’s efforts are focused on patient-centered approaches to drug development; reducing the burden of clinical trial participation; and leveraging novel and disruptive technologies to bring new therapies to patients faster. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed a Graduate Research Fellowship at The National Institutes of Health.

Panel Discussion

Philadelphia's Legacy and Future in the Life Sciences

Heather Steinman, PhD, MBA

The Wistar Institute
Vice President, Business Development
Executive Director, Technology Transfer

Tia Lyles-Williams , MRSc

LucasPye BIO + HelaPlex
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Olivia McPherson

JPOD @ Philadelphia
Program Manager and
Organic Chemistry Scientist

Tracy Brala, MBA

University City Science Center
Vice President, Ecosystem Development Executive Director, Venture Cafe PHL

Join us in making history

October 22, 2020

11AM-1:30PM EST

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Accelerating change together

Fostering education and advocacy in collaboration with the adrenal insufficiency community.

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